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Angel on Assignment - An Angelic Tradition

Start An Angelic Tradition Today

Give your children a true imagination that will last their lifetime. Angels don’t have magical powers but they do miraculous things. They have direct access to the One who knows everything, even who's been naughty or nice. As your child grows, the message of this book will remain. Angel on Assignment will remind you daily of the miracles that await for those who just believe.

• Start a new tradition with your children!

• Invest into the heart of your child.

• Give your child the hope that angels surround them and are on assignment to help them.


Coming summer 2019


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Also available, 2nd editions of Growing up Grateful journals for the disabled child who cannot write or the young one who has not yet learned.

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May Releases - Remember This Series

Mom’s Journal of a Child’s Unforgettable Words

Remember the outrageously funny, brutally honest, and sweet things your child says with a Remember This journal.